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Programs & Services

Rescue, Rehabilitation & Re-Homing

Spring Hill rescues horses from urgent situations. Sometimes other farm animals are in need, and we don't hesitate to take them in, rehabilitate and re-home them as well. Many of the horses that come into our facility are either severely neglected or have been poorly handled or trained. Spring Hill has the facility, resources and expertise to handle neglected and traumatized horses. Rehabilitation includes veterinary treatment, proper dietary support, parasite control and hoof care. All rescued horses get an immediate assessment of both their physical and emotional conditions. Our expertise is in re-feeding severely emaciated horses, and hoof rehabilitation.

Once the horses have recovered physically and mentally, they are evaluated for their riding suitability and dispositions. Matching adopter and horse is often challenging, but we work hard to make the best matches possible and expect them to last the lifetime of the horse.

Owner Relinquishment/Rehoming

Spring Hill advocates responsible ownership. If an owner can no longer keep the animal, he or she should make every effort to rehome it. Due to space and resource constraints, Spring Hill can only accept horses from urgent situations, which includes accepting animals from law enforcement. We may take in a horse that can no longer be cared for properly by its owner or the owner’s family if the owner has died. This is determined on a case by case basis. However, Spring Hill can list a horse on our Facebook and Petfinder pages as a courtesy to help owners re-home their horse. If you would like us to help you re-home your horse, please send photos along with detailed information about the horse, the horse’s location and your contact information, as potential new owners will be contacting you directly.

We strongly suggest that anyone looking to re-home their horse require vet and personal references as well as photos of where the horse will be going. An actual site-check of the new home would be ideal. Remember, many ‘free’ horses end up going to slaughter when owners don’t take the proper precautions. We do not post horses for sale but we would appreciate a small donation (could be asked of from the new owners) towards our administration fees. Please be sure to contact us first before resorting to Craig's list. Please e-mail the information to Gina@springhillrescue.com or Brenna@springhillrescue.com

Community Response Team

Spring Hill’s Community Response Team (CRT) is routinely called on to investigate cases of suspected abuse and neglect of horses and other livestock.

Our approach to humane investigation begins with educating the owners to teach them about proper equine nutrition, the importance of shelter, dental care, hoof maintenance and parasite control. Sometimes responsible horse owners fall on hard times and are forced to cut corners with their horse care. In that case, Spring Hill helps owners with temporary resources, planning and re-homing assistance.

Spring Hill has zero tolerance for animal abuse and if, in any instance, the owners refuse to comply with animal cruelty laws, we will advocate for animal relinquishment and criminal prosecution through law enforcement.

HERO PROGRAM - Horse Education and Re-training Opportunity

Photo/Image Credit: Louise Michaels

The HERO program supports professional training programs to qualified horses. All proceeds from this project will continue to support this program AND to help with the rehabilitation of those horses that have serious medical conditions or special needs.

HEROs are Spring Hill rescued horses who are elected through a series of specific qualifications such as temperament and disposition, soundness and potential ability. If a horse is deemed a HERO candidate, he/she is sent to a qualified professional trainer where their progress is monitored. At the end of their training session, the trainer evaluates the horse, his/her value and the best suited home that would complement the horse’s ability. Adopting a horse through our HERO program provides an alternative to purchasing a horse, as our horses are thoroughly evaluated and owners receive support through the professional trainer and Spring Hill staff even after the adoption.

Spring Hill spends thousands of dollars every year rescuing and rehabilitating horses (and other animals in need). We are a non-profit organization that depends on donations and fund raising programs to support our much needed services. In essence, a HERO’s adoption fee will help fund the veterinary care, rehabilitation, and training of the other horses in need to make them healthy and safe to successfully adopt into loving homes.

Prevention and Education

Recognized as a resource by law enforcement agencies and humane societies all over Vermont, Spring Hill has provided human-enforcement training and equine-care programs to hundreds of law enforcement officers, animal control officers, Humane Agents, Humane Society staff and individuals.

Spring Hill hosts a variety of horse care and training clinics through various professionals. Our goal is to prevent dangerous situations by teaching safe, humane handling and training and proper horse care.

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