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Thank you for considering bringing a Spring Hill animal into your family!

Each of our horses and other animals has a story. Many have come through some period of adversity and have been rehabilitated at our farm; and we have spent hundreds of hours caring for each individual. Many horses that come to Spring Hill have not had formal training. Some will receive training at our farm, and some will be chosen for our HERO program and receive outside training, however, many will require further groundwork and training before riding. We always strive for the best possible outcome for both you and your horse.

If you are interested in adopting, please fill out an adoption/foster application and email it to springhillrescue@aol.com. Once we get your application we will schedule a telephone interview so that we can get to know you, your background, your abilities, and what you are looking for in a horse.


Foster homes are always needed for horses, particularly from those who are capable of working on horse socialization. By fostering a horse, you will be freeing up room at the rescue for another horse who desperately needs a home. Fosters are responsible for the cost of food, and routine veterinary and farrier care. If you are interested in fostering a horse, please fill out an adoption/foster application and email it to springhillrescue@aol.com. Just let us know in the email that you are interested in becoming a foster home. We will then schedule a telephone interview.


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