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Our History

Founded in 2000, Spring Hill has rescued, rehabilitated and re-homed hundreds of animals in need. We are routinely called on to evaluate cases of suspected abuse and neglect and collaborate with other Vermont animal welfare organizations. When animals other than horses are in need, Spring Hill doesn't hesitate to take them in, rehabilitate them and re-home them as well. Spring Hill has been able to find qualified homes for almost all the horses that come through our facilities.

Spring Hill is located on a 15-acre property with a large barn set off the ‘beaten path’ in Clarendon, VT which is five miles south of Rutland. Spring Hill does not receive any state or federal funding. Some revenues are derived from adoption fees, but most of our income comes from individual donations and small grants.

Every horse that comes through our facility has its own ‘tale.’ Our goal is to make sure those stories have happy endings through the efforts of Spring Hill with the help of the community, our volunteers, our staff and our donors. RUNNING AN EFFECTIVE RESCUE OPERATION TAKES A COMMUNITY: people to come forward and report suspected abuse, public pressure to ensure Vermont’s animal-cruelty laws are being enforced, staff and volunteers to care for the animals that come to us at SHHR. Last but not least, it takes kind-hearted adopters to open their homes to these special animals.

Spring Hill Horse Rescue is a 501©3 non-profit organization.

Mission Statement

Spring Hill’s mission is to protect Vermont’s equines through: Education, prevention & advocacy and rescue, rehabilitation & re-homing.

Spring Hill’s Founder and Executive Director

Gina Brown, the founder of Spring Hill Horse Rescue, has been riding and training horses for more than 30 years. She got her first pony when she was seven and as a young adult, Gina began training horses, specializing in starting youngsters under saddle and helping owners get through behavioral issues using gentle, humane methods.

Gina recognized the need for horse rescue at a young age. Because she loved animals so much her Uncle would take her to some auctions that sold various items including horses and other livestock. The vivid memories of the horrible conditions of the horses that would come through those sales stayed with her until adulthood. In January of 2000 Gina founded Spring Hill Horse Rescue.

Gina is also a Humane Agent that works with other animal welfare organizations and law enforcement in conducting animal cruelty investigations throughout Vermont. She trains law enforcement, animal control officers and other humane agents on handling large animal cruelty investigations.

Visitation and Farm Tours

All visitors (including potential adopters, volunteer applicants and large groups) must contact Spring Hill to request an appointment to visit the farm or look at a specific animal.  Due to the unpredictable nature of cruelty investigation work, we do not have set hours of operation. All visitors MUST have an appointment and must check in with a Spring Hill representative upon arrival. Visitors cannot go into paddocks or pastures areas without the assistance of a qualified Spring Hill representative.

Spring Hill Horse Rescue
175 Middle Rd, Clarendon, VT 05759
(802) 775-1098
Email: springhillrescue@aol.com

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